Organic Wines

Aglianico Sannio DOC:

BioFach International 2009 Red Wine Silver Award Winner. A wine, with a vivacious red ruby color, intense scent, and notes of spices. The flavor is dry, soft, with hints of violet and raspberry. Enjoy it with meat, roasts and omelets. The suggested serving temperature is 64 degrees. Uncork the 2006 Aglianico to let breathe before enjoyment.

Chianti DOCG:

BioFach International 2006 Recommendation for Red Wines. A wine with a red shiny color; fresh and fruited scent. The taste is harmonious and pleasant. Excellent with main meat dishes and roasts. To be served at a temperature of 64 degrees; using a big goblet which allows a slow oxygenation and a better appreciation of the Chianti’s 2008 qualities.

Greco Sannio DOC:

BioFach International 2007 Silver Award Winner for White Wines. A wine with a yellow color and greenish reflections. The scent is intense, fruited with hints of apple and exotic fruits. The flavor is dry, fresh, and pleasant. Excellent with hors d’oeuvres and main fish dishes. In order to better taste its full-bodied dry aroma, serve the 2008 Greco cool at a temperature of 49 degrees.

Pinot Grigio DOC:

A Wine with a straw yellow color. The scent is floral and fruited, well-bodied in the mouth. Enjoy it with tasty main dishes, white and boiled meats, grilled fat fishes, salami and vegetarian dishes.  Serve the 2007 Pinot Grigio in a tasting glass at an optimum temperature which can vary from 47-49 degrees.

Sangiovese DOC:

A wine with a red ruby color and shades of violet, a winy and delicate scent. The flavor is dry and harmonious, with a slight bitter after taste. Excellent with dry dishes, roasts, boiled and grilled meats. Suggested serving temperature for 2008 Sangiovese is 63 degrees.