Gia Magliocco

Gia Magliocco is our Operations and Finance Manager for Sunrise Brand Management Specialists.  Her duties include and are not limited to:  managing regional sales reports on a monthly basis, including downloading and creating sales reports from the Tree of Life and Whole Foods Portals. She manages the shipping of samples for our Clients.

Gia has also become quite an expert at managing the Whole Foods Category Review process for our clients, ranging from the shipping of samples to Whole Foods Buyers to preparation of all the powerpoints and forms to the Whole Foods Buyers.

Gia manages all finances for Sunrise Brand Management including:  monthly budgets, grant budgets, and all daily accounting needs.  She manages two of our Clients Warehouses by handling purchase orders, inventory, and customer service.  Gia also manages our Sunrise Import Business.  She handles all compliance importing paperwork with Federal, State and Local Government Agencies.  She handles the projections of importing inventory and works with our customs broker to insure that product is imported in on a timely manner. Lastly, she is our ever patient Office Manager and provides support for our regional sales managers.